Tat Hing Pool Limited


Tat Hing Water Processing Co., Ltd./Tat Hing Pool Limited has been providing efficient, quality service to the public.

The company has set up factories in Guangzhou (Yuen Hoi. Co. LTI.), supply stability, honest and reliable.

Sub-brand of the Company (OKEYH Pool Products) also exports services, excellent reputation.


  • The provision of swimming pools and water parks system consultancy, design, installation services
  • Wholesale Italy, France, the operators of plastic furniture
  • Deputy Netherlands sauna, steam bath and massage bath / pool
  • Manufacture of large pools of water filters, water pumps and related equipment
  • Produce Steamer, sauna and related equipment
  • Agents and maintenance of imported automatic suction pool underwater device

Due a wide range of our products, if you need our product catalog and price list, please contact us. 

We are willing to provide you with the best products and most considerate service.