Tat Hing Pool Limited

Jumping Jet Fountain


HT-950 HT-950 HT-950
A rod of water jets in parabolic form, precisely aimed to disappear into a small catch hole in the ground. In the next moment it shoots up again but with a totally different jet configuration. The transparent parabolic jet is either continuous, or precisely cut into sections of various lengths.


  1. Pump rated voltage: 220 volt / 50Hz
  2. Lighting rated voltage: 12 volt AC
  3. Lighting power consumption: 75 watt
  4. Jet diameter: 18mm
  5. Vertical swivel range: 45-90o
  6. Material: Stainless steel


  1. Unusual water effects
  2. Precise and glass-clear water jets
  3. Spectacular integrated light-effects
  4. Silent and vibration free
  5. Virtually maintenance free, easy to clean 
  6. High safety standard, even without anchorage
  7. High-grade stainless steel, unique and compact construction
  8. Fast and easy to mount
  9. Stainless steel case with chemical treated surface, better resistance to erosion
  10. Low voltage high luminous light source
  11. Light colors including red, yellow, blue, purple and compound colors.
  12. Stable shape of water jet, clear and limpidity