Tat Hing Pool Limited

Electrical Six-Way Multiport Valve


TH-228 TH-228

Six-Way Multiport valve, designed for fully automatic and cost-efficient centrifugal filter systems.
Application include Swimming Pool, Spa, Fish pond, Water Treatment Systems, Trick Fountains and cooling.


  1. Backwash Procedure can be controlled by pressure or timer setting automatically.
  2. Available for 1.5" and 2" valves (Either Top-Mount and Side-Mount)
  3. Connect with pump directly.
  4. Quick and Easy installation.
  5. Quick conversion without any additional tools and dismantling of the valve from automatic to manual override.
  6. Four Procedure would be controlled by programming (Filters, Backwash, Rinsem Waste)
  7. Pressure Data and Backwash Time would display on LED Digital Board.
  8. Easy Setting Backwash Time, Rinse and Delay Time on Potentiometer Knob.
  9. Functional usage in control Centrifugal Pump (Below 2HP), Heater and Associated Ball / Bufferfly Valves.