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Salt Chlorinator

Salt Chlorinator

Salt Chlorinator Salt Chlorinator
ADVAN CHLOR is a high efficiency salt chlorination system that let you enjoy sparkling clear pool water without toxic chemical. The process of chlorine production by salt chlorination system (Advan Chlor) is known as Electrolytic Generation. This process simply produces chlorine from a small amount of salt that is added to your pool water.

ADVAN CHLOR comprises with 2 mainly components that are electronic power supply which controls the operation of the system, and electronic cell which connects easily to standard pool circulation system. 

ADVAN CHLOR Advantage:

  1. Eliminates purchase cost of expensive chlorine sanitizer
  2. Inexpensive natural salt (Sodium Chloride-Nacl) is added to the pool water
  3. The saline solution is passed through an electrolytic cell installed in the pipe work near the filtration system
  4. Chlorine is manufactured in the cell by the electrolysis of the saline solution
  5. Eliminates the storage & handling of dangerous chlorine
  6. Reduces the commercial manufacture of chlorine so is environmentally friendly
  7. Fully automatic… makes chlorine when the filtration system operates
  8. Approximately the same salinity as a tear drop… soothing to eyes and skin
  9. Produces sanitized, sparkling healtly, clear pool water
  10. Non-corrosive to all pool surfaces 

ADVAN CHLOR Features: 

  1. Large cell housing for high flow rates
  2. Battery back-up for time / clock adjustment
  3. 7 days timing setting, 10 times on / off setting per day
  4. Digital Display & LED indicator
  5. UV & waterproof cabinet
  6. State of the art electronic technology
  7. Water flow detection device
  8. 10-100% chlorine output function

The ADVAN CHLOR system is suitable for Residential and commercial applications by choice of models available, Contact your local pool equipments suppliers for detail.



Model Voltage in(v) Max Amp DC Out CurrentRange (A) Pool Vol. (M3)
AC-12 220/240 13 28 2.8-3.2 30-60
AC-15 220/240 13 28 3.5-4.6 40-75
AC-18 220/240 13 28 4.5-5.2 50-90
AC-20 220/240 13 28 6.2-8.5 60-100
AC-24 220/240 5 28 8.5-10.0 70-120
AC-30 220/240 5 28 10.5-12.8 80-150