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Thirty Five Years’ Experience in the Swimming Pool Industry​

Welcome to Tat Hing Pool, we can provide good quality product for your Swimming Pool.

Swimming pool is an very important element of your luxury home. The swimming pool can make your home more beautiful and perfect, so you need to plan very carefully and seriously. 

You need to get a professional and correct advice when designing your pool and choosing pool equipment.

Tat Hing Pool Limited has been providing efficient, quality service to the public since 1984.  The company has set up factories in Guangzhou, supply stability, honest and reliable. Sub-brand of the Company (OKEYH Pool Products) also exports services, excellent reputation.

Our Major Business​

1. The provision of swimming pools and water parks system consultancy, design, installation services.

2. Wholesale Italy, France, the operators of plastic furniture. 

3. Deputy Netherlands sauna, steam bath and massage bath / pool. 

4. Manufacture of large pools of water filters, water pumps and related equipment. 

5. Produce Steamer, sauna and related equipment 

6. Agents and maintenance of imported automatic suction pool underwater device.

Our Mission​

Tat Hing Pool Limited hopes to rely on its excellent products, rich experience, and comprehensive services to become a professional company for customers’ trusted pool solutions.

We sell more than 3,000 products and offer a wide range of products at different price to suit different customer needs.

We are flexible in providing solutions to meet the needs of each customer’s pool, and want to strengthen the influence of our company in local and global markets through the synergy between our customers and partners.

We also give our customers the best sales experience with our integrity, openness mindset, and the spirit of focus on people.

With advances in production technology and design, today’s equipment can provide greater efficiency, extend pool durability, improve water quality and provide more functionality.

Besides, energy efficiency, environmental protection, smooth operation and maintenance, and safety performance are the main guidelines for our production of swimming pool equipment today.

Our recent innovations in swimming pools and spa equipment – can provide better energy efficiency, longer life, more features, better water quality, more comfortable operation, and maintenance, enhanced safety features. It can offer your pool, spa or fountains showing more spectacular effects.

Therefore, we are improving existing products and cooperating with other manufacturers to develop new products to meet customer needs.

Our Target and Future​

Hundred years dream of swimming pool industry:

Tat Hing Pool Limited is a company with a long history and rich experience.  With over 35 years of industry experience, our brand has been well known in Hong Kong, also our quality products have been exported to the world. 

We want to make the company younger and more energetic by new generation management to become one of the sustainable companies in swimming pool industry.

As being a sustainable company, we put a lot of effort to maintain a good  relationship with our customers and business partners. Therefore, we set some targets to help us improving the quality of our products and services to keep our customers and partners.

1. Provide customers with the most personalized sales experience by the most professional customer service.

2. Provide customers with the best quality products by the most professional procurement network.

3. Our factory maintains and excellent product quality with the most rigorous testing, the most user-friendly design and the highest class of materials.

4. Our factory uses the best management and training to achieve the most efficient mass production.

5. Our factory absorbs the most advanced technology and technology to achieve the highest degree of automation in production.

6. With our many years of experience and new management thinking to maintain and strengthen our industry leadership in research and development, manufacturing and sales of water treatment solutions.